We Know Food. You Know You. Together We Achieve A Nourishing Life.

Using scientific human nutrition principles and a Health At Every Size approach,
our goal is to empower you to be healthy and confident through properly nourishing your body.

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About Our Team

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Our Approach

Whether you're struggling with a confusing new diagnosis that can be managed with food, battling disordered eating, wanting to feel better in your own skin and understand the basics of proper nutrition, or hoping to approach weight loss from a new perspective, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists can help.

Our team takes a Health At Every Size approach, which celebrates body diversity; We honor and welcome differences in shapes, sizes, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, classes and other human attributes. When assessing overall health and diet, we do not only look at a BMI or weight to determine how to treat an individual.

We promote healthy eating and diet in a flexible, realistic way for each person, while understanding that this will likely look different for everyone. We are committed to challenging societal confines of beauty and how humans are "supposed to" look.  We want to help you reach your dietary goals, while maintaining self-compassion, love and confidence. 

Our values

Northern Nutrition Group is built on five values that guide the work we do: empowerment, collaboration, integrity, humility and reliability. These values guide our goal of providing the highest quality client care, while also nurturing a company culture that allows staff to be their best in order to perform their best.

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